TV-EDU207 International Hotel Management in Maastricht studieren - Hotel Management School Maastricht (Zuyd)

Would you like to study hospitality management in an inspiring, international environment where innovation comes first? You can at Hotel Management School Maastricht. Here, you’ll learn from professionals, live on a student campus and hone your skills in a real hotel.

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At Hotel Management School Maastricht, you’ll be trained to be a manager or entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. The four-year bachelor programme consists of varied theory and practical modules and two internships. Additionally, you will choose to enrol in two minors (either inside or outside the faculty), a pre-master or an international exchange programme.

You will certainly not spend all your time attending lectures. Apart from lectures from teachers and experts in the field, you will also be attending skills training courses, workshops and taking part in excursions to see the industry in practice. Teamwork plays a major role. In the workshops, you’ll be working in a group of students on practical problems or projects. And what’s more, you’ll be exposed to the real-life environment of Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem. This is a training environment unique in the Netherlands, including twenty-six guestrooms, a restaurant, a bar and various meeting rooms. The hotel has received a lot of attention in the international media, not least for its unconventional room designs by Dutch designers.


TV-EDU163 Bachelor Hotel Management an der Hotelschool The Hague

Bachelor Hotel Management in den Haag

Are you professional, ambitious and do you want to work in an international business environment? Hotelschool The Hague’s 4 year Bachelor in Hospitality Management is your passport to the world!

Hotelschool The Hague has been ‘At the heart of hospitality’ since 1929 and you join a warm, welcoming and international community with students from over 50 nationalities. You explore the world of hospitality, participating in two international internships at leading companies around the world.

The programme is divided into three phases. Phase I (one year) is all about hospitality performance; you learn to do the existing well. Phase II (one and a half year) emphasises the tactical application of this knowledge; you improve on the existing.

In the final phase, Phase III (one and a half year), you apply your learning and experience strategically; you add value to the existing, searching for new innovative combinations and entrepreneurial solutions.

In your first year at Hotelschool The Hague, you live together with all the other first year students in our student residence, the Skotel. The Skotel is both your home and the Hotelschool’s training hotel. The variety of nationalities, languages and cultures makes this a unique and valuable experience.

If you have a previous qualification in hospitality related studies, such as two years studying for a full-time hospitality degree, then you may qualify for our International Fast Track programme. Starting in July every year, this is an accelerated version of the Bachelor programme enabling you to build on and enhance your experience and management skills, leading to the same qualification: The Hotelschool The Hague Bachelor Business Administration in Hotel Management (BBA.HM).